Can I Still Exercise While Being Chronically Ill?

Posted On Sep 16, 2022 |

We know not to push the adrenals, but what can we do to move the body when we get exhausted from almost everything? I answer it here in this post.

When we're chronically ill, it often prevents us from being able to exercise or engage in movement the same way we used to. If we push ourselves (therefore our adrenals) too hard-- whether that be with exercise or just doing activities of daily life-- we can often fall deeper into our symptoms.

I often hear from clients how they miss being able to run, bike, swim, etc. like they used to. And they just can't anymore.

Does this mean you need to stop all exercise, movement, and activity?

No, you absolutely do not need to stop. Let me explain.

So it's really important to first understand where you are in your healing journey. How far have you come? More importantly, how far have your adrenals come? And how much of the fatigue is neuro fatigue? (We see this separation on the Intuitive Testing Chart).

Second, what type of activity are you aiming to engage in and can you engage at the appropriate intensity level for where you currently are? For example, if you find yourself fatigued and/or experiencing more symptoms post activity, like Yoga for example, then it was definitely too much.

IF you're able to scale back the intensity by doing some beginner level videos on your own and for much less duration-- AND you feel GOOD after doing so, congrats. You found your sweet spot.

If you can't find the sweet spot with the SAME activity you've been doing and it's still exhausting you, then it's time to find a NEW way of moving your body that's much more GENTLE.

Examples of really gentle movement that likely won't stress your adrenals:

1. Medical Qigong (which I teach and have practiced for years!)

2. Somatic movement (even those with severe neuro fatigue can find somatic movement that suits them)

3. Walking

4. Light Yoga done selectively

5. Rebounding (even seated bounces on a rebounder or exercise ball can be effective).

Are all of the above activities 100% safe if you have adrenal or neuro fatigue? 

No, and here's why. 

It's about the gentleness you bring to the activity and monitoring the duration. Be sure to move mindfully and intentionally vs hard, fast, haphazardly, and with a lot of intensity.

If you can only do something for 5 minutes but get fatigued at 10, stick with 5 minutes. You MUST pay attention to the limits your body currently has and HONOR it. Because pushing the adrenals only hurts them and will slow down your progress.

Why do we want to keep moving? Because movement:

  1. Moves lymph which assists is moving toxins out (lymph is only pumped by our movement. It has no self-circulation)
  2. Circulates lifeforce energy
  3. Produces serotonin and dopamine that boost your mood!
  4. Improves oxygenation (which is antiviral!)

So no matter where you are in your healing journey...No matter where your adrenals are...You can still move. It may not be what you're used to, but it certainly will be beneficial!

Rule of thumb to protect the adrenals: if you think you can do it, do a bit less.

If you'd like to chat about a movement plan for yourself, book a 1-1 or join the next Celery Juice Lifestyle Support Group. 

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This journey can be difficult, but it's not one you have to face alone.