What My Clients are Saying

Thank you for all of my clients who have agreed to share their experiences and photos.

"Mandi’s years of practical experience implementing MM’s recommendations and her knowledge of what to do for what symptoms gave me a great jumpstart with the liver rescue 369.  Medical Medium® offers so much valuable information that it was hard for me to launch a better eating plan besides daily celery juice. Though chronic but not too severe, my many various symptoms made it challenging to get a handle what recipes to prioritize. Now, I have a foundation of healthy recipes to fall back on and may start exploring others on my own soon.”  

Canton, North Carolina

"Even having read all of Anthony William's books, I still found the support of Mandi's coaching and expertise invaluable.  There's just so much information to consider! She was warm, non-judgemental, and helped us all tailor the cleanse to meet our needs. Looking forward to more opportunities to heal with Mandi's support. I highly recommend her services."

Founder, Find Your Flow

“I didn't even realize how much I needed Mandi Palmer until I had a session with her. Just a few sessions and she took all the questions and stress away, and gave me a plan that has already helped me in ways I will be eternally grateful for  She is so informed, so wise, so thorough, and so kind that I honestly CANNOT recommend her highly ENOUGH! If you are even just thinking about doing something positive for yourself, then you are in the right place! Mandi is the real deal. THANK YOU, Mandi!”


Being supported by Mandi as I embark on the beginning of my Medical Medium healing journey has been a hugely positive experience. She is such a genuine, kind hearted, knowledgeable, intuitive, understanding and compassionate person, who has helped me so much. She has answered my many questions in a clear and concise way, and has helped me find ways forward with any obstacles I have faced, providing practical and wellbeing support; being a listening ear to my concerns and a champion of my triumphs, no matter how big or small. As my journey to better health following MM protocols has only really just begun, I know I will need more support along the way and I will not hesitate to call upon Mandi to help me with this. 

Founder, CTO - The Company

"Mandi Palmer's Group Guided Liver Rescue 369 Cleanse was a delightful experience.  I am grateful for her expert guidance through my first round of the cleanse and the warm, encompassing, and safe space she created for all those who participated. She really listened to and honored our needs, was extremely accommodating, and easily accessible for questions. I appreciated how organized she was up front with shopping lists, recipe ideas, and the like. I highly recommend doing a 369 Liver Rescue 369 Cleanse with Mandi!"

"I honestly wouldn’t have made it through without her.  I just completed my very first 369 cleanse with Mandi’s guided group and it was fantastic! The daily support and reminders really made it so easy to stay the course. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Founder, CTO - The Company

“Mandi helped me "prehab" before my hip replacement, and rehab afterwards.  Her combination of careful functional assessment, creative exercise prescription, and trigger point massage worked so well, my orthopedist was really impressed with how much function I had before surgery, and how well and quickly I recovered afterward.”

Gainesville, FL

"What she shared resonated with me, made me feel seen, heard, and empowered to heal myself again.  I have a history of chronic pain and a history of healing myself. However, recently my symptoms came back in full force and my old strategies were no longer effective. Mandi jumped right in and suggested an alternative perspective based on the body of work Medical Medium®. The lifestyle changes she suggested are cost-effective and approachable. If you are dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, and mood imbalanced I recommend booking a session with Mandi!”

Founder, Third Eye Web Strategies