Meet Mandi Palmer

My Story with Chronic Health Challenges and How I Overcame Migraines, Insomnia, Vertigo, IBS, and more.

In the most pain and discomfort I ever felt... 

I called my Dad, a Chiropractor, from my dorm room in tears because something was really wrong. I was 19 and my stomach was painfully distended out. I was inflamed from my esophagus to my colon and I had never felt anything like this. The fear built up inside of me thinking that I would die of malnutrition because I was just not digesting my food. He tried his best to console me and we set up an appointment to visit the campus doctor.

They prescribed me heartburn medication and sent me on my way.
By the time I was 24, I was trying my best to live my life despite experiencing:

Extreme bloating
Terrible gut pain and Inflammation
Food sensitivities
Chronic constipation
Chemical sensitivities
Chronic sore throat
Night sweats
Deadening fatigue
Cystic acne from age 9-22

The most intense symtpom of these was the vertigo spells which left me bedridden for two weeks at a time... unable to get up to the bathroom or turn my head without triggering vomiting.  

Over the years, I went through a merry-go-round of doctors, cleanses, supplements, medications, and natural therapies that would sometimes be a band-aid for a symptom, but they always returned.  

It wasn't until 2017 after reading Medical Medium® and Life-Changing Foods by New York Times Best-Selling Author, Anthony William, that all of this changed. Permanently.  To see results after one week, a little more after a few months, and have my life continue to be transformed years later is nothing short of a miracle.

Every day the chronically ill can't get out of bed, can't live their life, and can't do basic daily tasks to take care of themselves. These books have the answers everyone is looking for, yet only a small fraction of us is finding them.  

Where do I come in?  As an Intuitive Health Strategist and I'll help you intuitively and compassionately apply Medical Medium® information. Together, we'll create a plan to ease your overwhelm and simplify these lifestyle and food changes.

Mandi has a B.S. in Nutrition and holds certifications for health coaching, Qigong, and Yoga. Mandi is an enthusiastic and well-researched student of Medical Medium® information.  She has been mentored both by Judy Koons and completed a practitioner level course with Muneeza Ahmed. 

I continue to use this information for myself, my family, and my clients.

It's my spiritual path to be your guide so that you can thrive, too.

Ready to see results?

Three ways you can work with me that fits every budget!

Personalized Sessions

1-on-1 sessions, Intuitive Pendulum Testing, group sessions, and more! This 6-month long program is designed for the utmostaffordable support. 

Group Sessions

With the Celery Juice Lifestyle Support Group, you get the most AFFORDABLE support in a small group setting (less than 6 attendees). 

Quick phone call

Just need 30-minutes of my undivided attention to get a few questions answered? Let's do it! I offer 30-minute phone calls in the continental US.

 "“I didn't even realize how much I needed Mandi Palmer until I had a session with her. Just a few sessions and she took all the questions and stress away, and gave me a plan that has already helped me in ways I will be eternally grateful for.

She is so informed, so wise, so thorough, and so kind that I honestly CANNOT recommend her highly ENOUGH! If you are even just thinking about doing something positive for yourself, then you are in the right place! Mandi is the real deal. THANK YOU, Mandi!”"

Brookline, Massachusetts

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