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Now Offering: Monthly Membership!

Get to the other side of chronic health challenges with my most VALUABLE and AFFORDABLE 1-1 and group package available yet:
The Intuitive Health Strategy Membership: A monthly package with 1-1 and group support.

Special beta pricing for 44% off the original value! Limited time only.

NEW! Intuitive Health Strategy Membership 


Ongoing, affordable support is imperative to lasting results!

  • One 60-minute Intuitive Pendulum Testing Health Strategy Session to go over comprehensive testing chart and to create a protocol for you. (Please allow 2 weeks after purchase prior to this appointment).
  • Five 30-minute Intuitive Pendulum Testing Health Strategy Sessions with the most important progress tracking numbers (1-1 sessions roll over up to 6 months).
  • Bi-weekly Celery Juice Lifestyle Support Group Zoom Calls (2 per month)
  • Access to group call replays
  • Access to Private Facebook Group 
  •  Includes 1 free 10 min phone call per month (if needed)
  • Total value: $1048. Total cost you pay: $584 (44% off!)
 $89/month with one time $50 set up fee (Introductory beta price!)

Intuitive Health Strategy 90

For clients that prefer more 1-1 time and want 100% of the testing involved, this package will support both the beginner and experienced MM follower. This package is especially great for those with more intense challenges. 

  • Includes 3 Intuitive Pendulum Testing charts: Initial Testing + Supplement Testing + Re-test.
  • One initial 75-minute Intuitive Health Strategy Session over Zoom with Intuitive Pendulum Results (please allow 2 weeks before scheduling your first session so I have time to complete the testing)
  • Five 60-minute Intuitive Health Strategy Sessions over Zoom
  • 10-minute phone call in between sessions, if needed
  • Includes 2 Celery Juice Lifestyle Support Group sessions/mo during the 3 months (do not roll over)
$268/mo for 3 months

Intuitive Health Strategy Session

This is a single 75-minute session which includes the Intuitive Pendulum Testing Chart and results interpretation for new or established clients. I complete the testing prior to the session and present them to you in the session. Please allow at least 2 weeks between when you book and the appointment.  

Disclaimer: This is for informative and spiritual purposes only. This is not meant to cure, diagnose, or treat disease and should not replace medical care, nor is this intended to be Medical Nutritional Therapy

  • Includes one full testing chart (Choose from iniital testing, re-test for established clients, or supplement testing)
  • 75-minute Zoom session to interpret the results 
  • Includes a brief food and supplement discussion so you walk away from the session feeling empowered on what to do next.

30-minute Phone Call

A brief, yet powerful phone call to get a few questions answered. This is also a great option to see what it's like to actually work with me, but is NOT a sales call to tell you what it's like to work with me-- this is a brief Intuitive Health Strategy session. This session is also a great follow-up for established clients.

  • Get feedback on what you're currently doing & what changes to make
  • Get questions answered so you can move forward
  • Phone call only
  • Available only in the continental US

The Celery Juice Lifestyle Support Group

Do you struggle to stay inspired or motivated? Would you like to connect more deeply with others on a similar path? This support group is where we come together to inspire, motivate, and connect with one another while refining our individual, Medical Medium®-inspired protocols. Mandi Palmer, Intuitive Health Strategist, and 6-year MM® Warrior & Coach will be your guide to more clarity, confidence, and connection on your MM-inspired path.  

  • FREE to clients with monthly packages
  • 2 hour group session
  • Small, intimate group coaching (no more than 6 attendees)
  • Individual attention within a group setting
  • Replays not included (replays only available to in monthly subscription)

For Established Clients Only

Intuitive Health Strategy Follow-up Session

At any time after completing one or more sessions with me and you'd like to get a re-test, follow-up, tweak your protocol, or just talk more, this is the session for you.

This session is ANYTHING you need and is catered to where you are and what you need at the moment. 

  • Must have already had at least one session with me
  • 60-minute private session
  • Includes  Intuitive Pendulum Testing

Intuitive Pendulum Re-Test (Results via Email, No Session)

This is for established clients only that have previously purchased a package that included Intuitive Pendulum Testing and would like a re-test of numbers without a session to go over them. I recommend updated testing every 1-6 months to track progress.

Please note, this does NOT include a session to interpret the numbers. If you purchase this and I have never done your numbers before, you will receive a refund minus the transaction fee.

Disclaimer: This is for informative and spiritual purposes only. This is not meant to cure, diagnose, or treat disease and should not replace medical care, nor is this intended to be Medical Nutritional Therapy

  • Includes updated numbers sent via email
  • Good for either updated numbers OR updated supplements. For both, please purchase two. 

"Being supported by Mandi as I embark on the beginning of my Medical Medium healing journey has been a hugely positive experience. She is such a genuine, kind hearted, knowledgeable, intuitive, understanding and compassionate person, who has helped me so much. She has answered my many questions in a clear and concise way, and has helped me find ways forward with any obstacles I have faced, providing practical and wellbeing support; being a listening ear to my concerns and a champion of my triumphs, no matter how big or small. As my journey to better health following MM protocols has only really just begun, I know I will need more support along the way and I will not hesitate to call upon Mandi to help me with this.

Cambridgeshire, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Anthony William has stated himself that, technically, there is no such thing as a "Medical Medium Practitioner," so I choose not to use that title. Is Medical Medium® information the foundation of what I do? Yes, 100%. I've been studying and applying his information for myself and hundreds of client cases since 2017. I've also taken Practitioner courses offered by Muneeza and Judy Koons to deepen my understanding of the thousands of ways to apply this information in various situations.  

Although I am an Intuitive, I do not consider myself a Medical Intuitive. I apply my intuitive skills to you in three ways. (First, I get permission from you on your intake form. If you don't give spiritual permission, I don't do any of this.). Initially, prior to your first session, I meditate and see what comes in for you. Next, during each session, I get "knowings" and "feelings" along the way as we chat and strategize. If you purchased a package, you would receive an Intuitive Pendulum Testing Chart (please inquire within for details on this).

When you hire me, I become the support system you never knew you needed! I approach your wellness plan from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective because you are all of these things. This holistic approach allows you to be seen and heard, and together we create a holistic wellness plan that is TRULY effective because we didn't leave anything out.

When you purchase a package, I'm also here for you IN BETWEEN your sessions which means you are NEVER left without support. I am here for you as much or as little as you need me to be. My goal for you is to eventually be your own coach and practitioner.

My specialty is helping you integrate Medical Medium® information with food, supplements, and your style of spirituality in a way that feels doable to you. I help to minimize overwhelm and anxiety by never giving you more to do than you are comfortable with. I help to clarify and simplify what is going to be most effective for you to focus on. I have a knack for taking a bird's eye view of you and then zeroing in like a hawk on WHAT your plan should look like (my Human Design lets me do this and your Human Design helps me create your plan). The more sessions you purchase and the longer we work together, the more detailed we can get with your plan. If you only purchase the 30-minute phone call, that for example, won't be enough time to get as detailed as I've described here. 

Disclaimer: Intuitive Testing is for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. This is not meant to cure, diagnose, or treat disease and should not replace medical care, nor is this intended to be Medical Nutritional Therapy.  Please see your physician before making any changes to your diet and supplement intake. Mandi Palmer Wellness, LLC nor Mandi Palmer responsible for any consequences associated with working with me such as illness or death as YOU are 100% responsible for the changes and decisions you make for your health. What I do in these sessions is offer general health education and spiritual advice only.