The Celery Juice Lifestyle Group

Group Coaching for those on a Medical Medium® inspired path

Are you feeling alone on this journey?

Healing on a Medical Medium-inspired journey isn't without its challenges. Do you struggle to stay inspired or motivated? Would you like to connect more deeply with others on a similar path?

This support group is where we come together to inspire, motivate, and connect with one another while refining our individual, Medical Medium®-inspired protocols. Mandi Palmer, Inuitive Health Strategist, and 6-year MM® Warrior & Coach will be your guide to more clarity, confidence, and connection on your MM-inspired path.

  • Free to clients with active package or $29/per person.
  • Small, intimate group coaching.
  • 2 hour session.

"Even having read all of Anthony William's books, I still found the support of Mandi's coaching and expertise invaluable. There's just so much information to consider! She was warm, non-judgemental, and helped us all tailor the cleanse to meet our needs. Looking forward to more opportunities to heal with Mandi's support. I highly recommend her services." Carrie


Creator of Find Your Flow