The Intuitive Health Strategy Membership

Personal and Group Support for finding clarity and confidence in your "Celery Juice & Wild Blueberry" protocols. 

If you've read the books, applied the information, and not seen great results, this is the membership for you. 

Do you have more questions now than when you started?

Do you feel like you're doing everything right but not seeing improvements?

Do you want to work 1-1 with a practitioner, but need something more affordable?

This is why I created the Intuitive Health Strategy Membership! 

I have found on-going support to be integral in clients seeing the best results.

That's why I'm proud to be offering a 6-month AFFORDABLE program that includes:

✔ Monthly intuitive pendulum testing
✔ Personal sessions
✔ Group calls
(And much, much more! See below)

What You'll Get in the Intuitive Health Strategy Membership

This isn't a course.

This is working with a practitioner at an affordable price.

Medical Medium information is very accessible. Even if you haven't read the books, you'll find a plethora of information reading through or watching the Medical Medium® social pages.

This membership is about helping you IMPLEMENT that information in the most efficient and easy way possible. It's about creating your UNIQUE PROTOCOL with on-going support.

This program will help you track your progress so you can see where you're excelling and where you need work- this is where the intuitive pendulum testing comes in. 

6 Months of Comprehensive, Affordable Support

If you want to finally see improvements and STOP the guess-work, this membership will provide you with clarity, confidence, and direction in the long-run.

Many practitioners only see you once or twice and you continue on with what they gave you months ago.

Long-term support means that month after month, as your body changes, you are working with your body with where it is RIGHT NOW. 

Intuitive health strategy membership

Special beta pricing


With a one time $50 set up fee

  • Monthly Intuitive Pendulum Testing
  • 6 months of monthly 1-1 Sessions
  • Bi-weekly Group Calls
  • Course module of unique content
  • BONUS 1: Replays of Group Calls
  • BONUS 2: Exclusive FREE access to any talks, programs, or cleanses I host
  • BONUS 3: One 10-minute phone call per month, if needed.
  • BONUS 4: Private Facebook Community

Meet Mandi Palmer
How I healed myself from chronic migraines, fatigue, IBS, vertigo, and more.  

Hi! I’m Mandi Palmer, Intuitive Health Strategist, compassionately and intuitively guiding those with chronic health challenges who are looking for a clear and simple approach to food and wellness.

It wasn’t long ago that I was right where you are- overwhelmed from information overload and frustrated that nothing really worked.

I tried different diets, cleanses, and supplements with little improvement, and it wasn't until I implemented Medical Medium® information by New York Times Best-Selling author, Anthony William that EVERYTHING changed.

Now, I help others implement this information in an efficient and doable way.

“I didn't even realize how much I needed Mandi Palmer until I had a session with her. Just a few sessions and she took all the questions and stress away, and gave me a plan that has already helped me in ways I will be eternally grateful for. She is so informed, so wise, so thorough, and so kind that I honestly CANNOT recommend her highly ENOUGH! If you are even just thinking about doing something positive for yourself, then you are in the right place! Mandi is the real deal. THANK YOU, Mandi!”


A Summary of the Intuitive Health Strategy Membership

✔  Meet with Mandi for your first session for 60 minutes.

In this initial session, we'll go over your intuitive pendulum chart results.

And we'll create a plan for you moving forward.

✔ Attend group sessions

There are 3 Celery Juice Lifestyle Support Groups scheduled every month.

This is your opportunity to connect with others and ask questions in between your sessions. Replays available if you miss!

✔Meet monthly for 30 minutes over 6 months

We'll go over your intuitive pendulum testing chart monthly so you can SEE YOUR PROGRESS.  

This is also a time to discuss if any changes need to be made to your protocols. 



REPLAYS of the Celery Juice Lifestyle Support Groups

Available only to membership subscribers. Plus, a benefit of being in the membership, if you have a question but can't attend the group call, simply submit it via email and I'll answer it during the call. 


10- Minute phone calls in between sessions

f needed, for questions too long for email/text. These are especially helpful if a flare-up occurs and you're not sure how to navigate it. Being available to you is one of my highest values.


Private Facebook Group

This is your space to get your questions answered. I prefer this to email and text so that others can learn from your questions as well. AND it's an opportunity to receive and give support to one another, which is so important on this journey. #


A FREE, All Access Pass to Classes, Events, and Cleanses!

Being a member of the Intuitive Health Strategy Membership means that you get VIP and FREE access to any special classes, events, and cleanses I run. I always charge for these events, but you get FULL access to everything I do as a member. 


Special beta pricing $89/mo (44% off the original value!) Limited time only

Working with an experienced practitioner has never been more affordable and accessible!

Frequently Asked Questions

I intuitively tap into you to find out where you currently are in your journey. Using the pendulum, I get specific numbers so we can quantify and track where you are monthly. So there's no more guessing on how to approach your protocols. (This is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to to treat, cure, or diagnose disease. My services are not medical nutrition therapy or medical advice of any kind but rather education and coaching). 

Absolutely not. The group calls are there for you to receive support in between personal sessions. Even without attending the group sessions, the value of what you're getting still well exceeds what you're paying. 

Once you purchase, you will be prompted to schedule your first appointment. After that, you'll receive automatic email reminders to schedule your monthly 30 minute sessions. You can email me anytime to schedule. 

Upon joining, you'll receive a link to create a username and password which will allow you access to the "course material." You'll find links to join the group calls there as well as the whole library of replays. Over time, I will actually be adding material to this area, which is one reason for the special beta pricing!

Yes. In order to keep these groups 6 people or less for a small and intimate space where you not only get an opportunity to ask questions, but to speak and share about your journey, you must register. The more people that join and the more demand there is for different times, the more day and time options will be offered. You also must cancel your reservation if you can't make it so that someone else can use that spot to receive support. 

The price will increase at some point, but I have not yet decided by how much or when. I will be guided by Spirit to do so when that happens. I DO KNOW that the price will still be affordable and accessible. 

This is to help cover the cost of the longer initial session which is 1 hour. I also do a more comprehensive testing in your first month and your last month, which takes me twice the amount of time as the basic monthly testing. I also take the time to send you 3 documents to be digitally completed before your first session. Remember, this is not a course. This is one-on-one help. 

If you choose not to renew the membership, you have the option to to purchase a testing for $99 and an option to purchase an hour session with testing for $160. The membership is definitely the best bang for your buck!

I don't recommend drawing out your testing and 1-1 sessions. If our schedules don't align, that is good reason. But it's to your benefit to check up on your progress every month. This ensures that you're on your way to seeing results.

If you aren't able to use all six 1-1 sessions in 6 months, your payments will still run monthly as scheduled, but the 1-1 sessions won't expire for 1 year after your initial purchase/registration which gives you an additional 6 months to use them. However, you do lose access to the groups and the replays after the initial 6 months. So if you purchased January 1, your 1-1's expire Dec. 31, but your access to replays and free groups ends June 30th. You may still attend the groups for $29 each or just renew for another 6 months. 

Stay connected, stay motivated.

With the Intuitive Health Strategy program, we see you every month, track your progress, and make adjustments along the way.

✔ Monthly Intuitive Pendulum Testing
✔ Monthly personal sessions with Mandi Palmer, Intuitive Health Strategist
✔ Small group support 3-4x/month
✔ Course module with original and unique content
✔ Guidance with your toughest health challenges, detox symptoms, and flare-ups
✔ Learn to become your own practitioner with education on supplements, foods, and understand Medical Medium® information on a deeper level.
✔ 4 Different bonuses!!
✔ All for an extremely affordable price

Intuitive Health Strategy Membership

with $50 set up fee

✔ 6 Months of support
✔ Monthly 1-1 sessions
✔ Monthly Intuitive Pendulum Testing
✔ Bi-weekly group calls
✔ Unique and original content
BONUS 1 Group call replays
BONUS 2 One 10-min phone call per month
BONUS 3 Private Facebook group
BONUS 4 FREE access to special events